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FCHS Science Fair: Books

Resources for Science Fair


Books & eBooks Quicktips

  1. When searching the library catalog remember to select & search within Falls Church Library first.
  2. EBOOKs are cataloged and the record provides a link to the database where the book is housed. Passwords are required when accessing the eBooks outside of school. Passwords are the same as the database passwords.
  3. Within the library catalog, under Library Info there are convenient links to the FCPS Digital Books (eBooks), FCPS Online databases and the Fairfax County Public Library 

Consider searching all FCPS school libraries and the Fairfax County Public Libraries for this project.

Ask one of the Falls Church Librarians for help with interlibrary loan for a book you would like to borrow from a nearby Fairfax County public or school library.

The OCLC World Catalog is a good way to find a book in a nearby library that might be helpful for your research. lets you search the collections of libraries in your community and thousands more around the world.

Use books after getting an overview from print and digital reference sources.  

Books can be very detailed.  If you start with a 400+ page book on a subject, you will may start to feel overwhelmed.

Remember: overview first.

Books in the Library

The library has books that can help with your project. Here are just a few that could help you generate a project topic. Once you have selected your topic, use the library catalog to search for it.