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Falls Church High School Library Website: Copyright


Copyright & Fair Use: As per FCPS Regulation 3007, certain information that is intended for educational purposes falls under a “fair use” exception, which allows limited use of copyrighted materials by educators. Because fair use is often open to interpretation it can be difficult to defend a challenge. Avoid this altogether by doing the following:

  1. Use the resources already paid for (the databases have articles, images, interviews, videos, music (Soundzabound), and more. FCPS also has movie resources.).

  1. Use copyright-free resources (adjust your internet search settings for copyright, especially for images).

  1. Pay for using content. Purchase a performance license for music and movies (don’t copy chapters/songs/images or show movies not licensed and approved).

Not sure? This article may help. You can also look at this checklist. Email for assistance in determining fair use or finding alternative resources. 


See the information on Finding & Using Images.

After School Viewings

Outside of class viewings of movies and shows are considered public performances and the appropriate licensing is required. This includes clubs and student/school activities. The school is not liable for the purchasing of or repercussions of not purchasing said license.

Publishing Reviews

Using movie images for reviews: Guidance from the Student Press Law Center states that you can use an official image when reviewing a movie. Best practice would be using one of the images provided on the production company's website, such as Warner Brothers. Since they have pictures for the press you don’t need to worry about using something illegal or spoilery.

All Other Scenarios

Read the terms and conditions on the item to determine if it can be used and/or if it has restrictions/guidelines. 

FCPS Resources

FCPS Copyright Resources (last updated 2013)


Need help? Ask a librarian.