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Falls Church High School Library Website: Technology Tools

Google slides logo of a yellow document with a white open square

Google forms logo of a purple document with bullet points and white lines

Peardeck logo of a green pear with a smilie face

Plickers logo of a blue box with a white checkbox and a lighter blue shadow of the box

Google drawings logo of a red document with a white open circle and a white square

Google sheets logo of a green document with a white blank table

Nearpod logo of a blue circle with two interlinked squares

Quizlet logo of a blue square with a white Q

Socrative logo of four orange hexagons

Need help? Instructions

Google jamboard logo of a yellow circle with a light and dark orange square in the top right quadrant

Google sites logo of a blue document with white rectangles and squares

Padlet logo of a pink and green origami paper crane

Quizizz logo of a purple square with a white Q inside and pink, yellow, and blue on the bottom to show depth

Audacity logo of a yellow and red sound wave wearing blue headphones

iMovie logo of a blue square with a white star and a blue movie camera inside

Need help? Instructions

Deck Toys logo of a rocket ship

Edpuzzle logo of a yellow puzzle piece with one corner bent forward

Flipgrid log of a red, blue, purple, yellow, and green circle piled on each other and a white plus sign in the middle

Kahoot logo of a purple square with the letter K and an exclamation mark

Screencastify logo of a pink and peach arrow pointing to the right with a white movie camera inside

light bulb with a boat in the ocean inside