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Falls Church High School Library Website: Finding & Using Images

Finding & Using Images

Image Databases

Always start your search with databases. Databases have citations and have already cleared copyright protections. Databases need passwords.

Image Websites

Several sites provide access to images that are either copyright-free or available for use under certain guidelines. Whichever site you use, you MUST give attribution (credit) and/or create a citation.

Do not use an image that has a watermark. It costs money.                            Photo credit: Mrs. Kausch

These sites provide free images- just avoid any ad images at the top or on the sides- those are ads:


Citing an Image

Google Images will NEVER be the image source. It is a search engine, just like regular Google. You need to click on the image to bring up the website information.

Citation Format:

Artist Last, First. "Title." Website or Source, Publisher, Date, URL. Accessed date. (Include all information you can find.)  

Use NoodleTools. Choose Website, Photo or Image (Born Digital), click "Image" when creating your citation, complete boxes with information you can find.  

Art You Create Citation Format:

Artist Last, First. "Title." Date, Medium. (Medium is the type of art - photograph, ink, pastels, etc)

Using Google Images