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Here you will find suggested research resources and help with citations.

Ask yourself before you research:

What kind of information sources do you need?  Think in terms of type (scholarly articles, background information, magazine articles, newspaper articles, statistics or other facts/data, etc.) and in terms of quality (authority, currency, accuracy, reliability, etc.).  Think also about quantity:  how much information do you need (lots of articles?  A few books?).   

Library Learning Target

  • I can use research ethically and responsibly by creating an MLA Annotated Bibliography and using in-text citations accurately. 
  • I can use both the Google Search engine and FCHS databases to find primary and secondary sources. 

Learning Target Rationale

Knowing how to find the best information and cite sources will help me know which information I can trust online and give accurate credit to the authors of my sources.

Library Objective

Students will research ethically and responsibly.

Portrait of a Graduate Skills

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