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12 DE - Banned Book Project: Project Dashboard

Banned Book Project

Banned Book Project

Here you will find research resources to assist in preparing your project.

As always, don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or need help. 

**You are deciding if the book should be banned at the high school level.**

Look for the specific issues within the book. Are they important for the plot or character development?
What would the book be like without them?

Library Learning Target

  • I can use the databases and websites to find reliable information.
  • I can use the databases and Noodle Tools to create an accurate citation. 

Learning Target Rationale

Knowing how to find the best information and cite sources will help me know which information I can trust online and give accurate credit to the authors of my sources.

Library Objective

Students will research ethically and responsibly.

Portrait of a Graduate Skills

Communicator iconCreative thinker icon

Read more about Portrait of a Graduate here