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Robinson - Hyde Park Project: Noodle Tools & Citations

MLA Citations

Citations will follow MLA 8th edition formatting. Use Noodle Tools to create your Annotated Bibliography.

Ms. Potocki will grade your citations and annotations. If you have questions before it's due, please ask.

Student Errors

These are the most common errors students make and ways to avoid making them:

1. They do not use Noodle Tools and their formatting is incorrect.

Avoidance: Use Noodle Tools to get perfect formatting.

2. They use Noodle Tools and then make changes.

Avoidance: Don't change anything except the title if it's a bibliography.

3. They do not print/export to Google from Noodle Tools.

Avoidance: Print/export every time you make a change.

4. They do not have a topic sentence in the annotation.

Avoidance: Start by telling what type of source it is (primary or secondary) and then briefly state what it's about. 

5. They do not have a closing sentence in the annotation.

Avoidance: Tie it all back together. Why are you using this evidence? What is your point? 

Logging In to NoodleTools

Citing a Website

How do I cite a website or a webpage?

Common elements needed:

  • Author
  • Title of the page/article
  • Name of the Web site or Project
  • Editor of the page or site (not always provided)
  • Publisher or sponsor
  • Date of the publication
  • URL
  • Accessed on date

Citing Youtube

Creating a Project & Citing Databases

Citing Books