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US/VA Constitution Project: Noodle Tools & Citations

MLA Citations

Citations will follow MLA 8th edition formatting. Use Noodle Tools to create your Annotated Bibliography.

Ms. Potocki will grade your citations and annotations. If you have questions before it's due, please ask.

Logging In to NoodleTools

Creating a Project & Citing Databases

Citing Youtube

Citing the Textbook

Copy and paste this into the manually edited citation box in Noodle Tools:

Lapansky-Werner, Emma J., et al. Virginia and United States History. E-book, Pearson Education, 2018. 


Enter this information for creating an e-book citation:

Authors: Emma J. Lapansky-Werner, Peter B. Levy, Randy Roberts, Alan Taylor
Title: Virginia and United States History
Publisher: Pearson Education
Date: 2018

Citing the Declaration of Independence & Constitution

According to the Georgetown University Library, it is not necessary to cite the Declaration of Independence of the Constitution in your Works Cited/Annotated Bibliography because they are such well known works. However, you must cite them in your text. 

Here's how the Georgetown University Library recommends citing these documents in-text:

Declaration of Independence

The first time you mention the Declaration of Independence in your text, add the institution author (U.S.) and date (1776) in parentheses.

Example: The Declaration of Independence states that the government's "just power" is derived "from the consent of the governed." (U.S. 1776)

After you have done that once in your text, you don't need to include (U.S. 1776) again. 

U.S. Constitution

When you are citing the U.S. Constitution, if you are referring to a particular section of the document you should mention the specific article, section, and clause in your text. Georgetown University Library recommends choosing one of two ways to do this.

Example 1: The Constitution of the United States, Article 1 (sec. 7, cl. 1) dictates that all revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives.

Example 2: The U.S. Constitution (art. 1, sec. 7, cl. 1) dictates that all revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives.

Citing Books

Citing a Website

How do I cite a website or a webpage?

Common elements needed:

  • Author
  • Title of the page/article
  • Name of the Web site or Project
  • Editor of the page or site (not always provided)
  • Publisher or sponsor
  • Date of the publication
  • URL
  • Accessed on date